Greenwood Creek Circuit Route

Greenwood Creek Circuit Route

Spectacular scenery with views as far as the eye can see.


Welcome to the NAN2 circuit ride,a 22km ride suitable for mountain bikes, hybrids and gravel bikes. It is hilly in a few areas so allow 2 hours to complete for a relaxed ride.

The ride leaves from Pioneer Park and goes through the south east part of town to Greenwood Creek Rd. Greenwood Creek Rd has a short, sharp ascent then a downhill to meet the edge of East Nanango State forest which has a wonderful mix of pine trees, bird life and a history of gold mining as well.

The road traverses a ridge to reach Snowy’s Knob, the high point in the ride.

It has magnificent views from the Mt Stanley ranges (source of the Brisbane River) in the east, to Tarong Power Station and to the Bunya Mountains in the West.

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