Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail- By Section

South Burnett Rail Trail Section

The Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail has two distinct sections, both with their own wonderful personalities and highlights. Overall distance- 89kms

The South Burnett Rail Trail section of the overall Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail starts in Kingaroy and continues for 50Kms to the turn off to the Moffatdale Winery Route, 6kms North of the town of Murgon. The first 43kms of trail is bitumen, with the last 7 kms to the Moffatdale Winery Route turn off being gravel.

Heading 6km north from Kingaroy is the township of Crawford. The trail passes Crawford and continues northwards, through farmland and the rich red soils that the South Burnett is so well known for. From Crawford you travel a further 6 kms to Memerambi. There are toilets and a picnic shelter at Memerambi. Memerambi is also the gateway to two of our signposted Loop Rides.

Continuing north from Memerambi is the town of Wooroolin. This is a great spot to stop and grab a coffee or lunch at the Grand Hotel. There is a Free Camp in Wooroolin, as well as hot showers and toilets. On Fridays and Saturdays make sure you browse Farm to Fork for examples of local produce and wines. While you are in Wooroolin make sure you have a look at the Wooroolin Train Station which has been lovingly restored by the Wooroolin Lions Club. There are two more Loop Rides that start and finish in Wooroolin.


Wooroolin Rail Trail

Leaving Wooroolin the next township is Tingoora, which is a quick 5.8km ride, which is all downhill. The Tinny pub is another great spot to stop for a cool drink or lunch. From Tingoora you will continue the downhill run into Wondai, just a further 7.9kms down the trail. The final two Loop Rides start and finish in Tingoora.


Wondai is another lovely South Burnett town to spend some time in. There are plenty of places to stay including a Free Camp, Showgrounds, Cabins, Motel and Hotel style accommodation. While passing through or staying in Wondai the Art Gallery is well worth a visit as it the Timber Museum.

Heading a further 13 kms north you reach Murgon. This is the end of the bitumen section of the Rail trail. Like Wondai, Murgon has many places to stay and eat. With The Australian Hotel a wonderful example of an Australia Pub. There is also a great example of an old railway carriage and station that have been restored by local volunteer groups.

Northern Section- Goomeri to Kilkivan

From Murgon it is a further 15kms before you reach the lovely town of Goomeri. The trail surface changes to gravel and there are a few creek crossings and gates to negotiate. On the way you will pass the entrance to the Moffatdale Winery Route. This is a must do if you have the time. There are four wonderful wineries and lots of accommodation options around the Moffatdale area. The second section of the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail starts at the wineries turnoff and continues for a further 38 kms onto Kilkivan at the trail head.


Goomeri has one of the best bakeries in Southeast Queensland and the main street of Goomeri is the pride of the town, with numerous shops to explore. Including a wonderful bookshop/coffee shop and a chocolate shop that is not to be missed. The Grand Hotel is a great spot for lunch or a quiet drink. There are several different accommodation options in town.

From Goomeri the trail starts to leave the highway behind. This is the most isolated part of the trip, and you really get the feeling of being away from it all out in the Australian countryside. From Goomeri to the next town of Kilkivan is a further 28kms. Be aware there are a number of gates and creek crossings on this section that will slow down your ride time, so make allowances for this. Kilkivan is the end of the line with a well restored station and parking area. There are toilets in town and a lovely picnic area. Make sure you stop in the Kilkivan Hotel Motel for a drink to refresh yourself.

  • NOTES- 
  • Trail conditions can vary along the gravel section of the Kingaroy to Kilkivan Rail Trail, with some sandy and rocky sections at times. 
  • Be aware there a numerous gates on this section as well, so to avoid stress, be patient and allow for extra ride time. 
  • Please carry spares, plenty of food and water with you. Check weather condition before your trip.
  • Phone reception is generally ok if you are on the Telstra network. Optus works well between Kingaroy and Wondai but can be patchy elsewhere. 
  • Horses are not allowed on the bitumen section of the trail. Horses are allowed on the Northern section.

Have a great trip.


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