KKRT- Murgon to Kilkivan Section

We have had many enquiries as to the condition of the reopened northern section of the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail (KKRT). So we went for a ride. Hopefully this answers some of those questions. We did this ride heading North which is generally the downhill direction.

murgon to goomeri section- 16.8km with 97 m of evelation

Heading north out of Murgon the trails turns to a gravel surface. The trail surface is generally ok and has been newly mowed as of mid May. There are a couple of gullies about 2-3 kms north of Murgon that have been damaged in flooding in 2022-2023. The council has a detour in place that is signposted and only adds 400m to your journey. You can also just choose to ride the gullies (this is at the riders discretion). Funding has been made available to fix this damage and we are hearing that this will be completed late 2023. From here the trail continues past the Moffatdale Winery Route turnoff and onto the road crossing at Manyung (this is where the gates begin). At the time of publishing there was still as section of long grass on the trail from about the 8-10km mark. This has been reported to Gympie Regional Council. 

Moffatdale Winery Route
KKRT Gully Crossing
KKRT Cutting
KKRT Gates

There has been a lot of chatter about the gates on this section of the trail. Yes they are a bit on an inconvenience. Most are like the one pictured above. They are small gates and most can be opened by nudging the gate with your front wheel. There are 10 gates like this between Manyung Road crossing and Goomeri. The gully crossings (there are 6 up until Goomeri), all have gravel/rock in the bottom and are generally easy to ride. Some gullies are steeper than others, so make a decision as to whether you will ride or walk them. Please be safe.

At Munyung you will notice some rough trail surface, as the railway sleeper ballast has come to the surface of the trail. This lasts for approximately 800m. The gates, gullies and gravel have been the topic of conversation between our association and the two councils and we will be working together to find a solution. The rest of the trail surface is in good condition with a nice ride line developing.

Heading to Goomeri
KKRT Gullies number 2
Trail surface to Goomeri

Goomeri is a must stop along the trail. There are a number of businesses to explore. Including the wonderful Wimberley and Co Bookstore, great books and even better coffee. The Goomeri Bakery, which has to be one of the best bakeries in SE Queensland and of course Joe’s Grand Hotel, their meals are amazing and the have great accommodation as well. Thera are also toilets and plenty of areas to stop and rest for a while.

Wimberly and Co
Joes Grand Hotel Goomeri

Goomeri to Kilkivan Section- 28.1kms and 145m of elevation

This is the longer of the two sections. Once again we were riding in a northerly direction from Goomeri to Kilkivan so it is largely downhill. There are no towns on this section until Kilkivan so be prepared. This section leaves the highway behind and really gets away from it all. Unfortunately there are a few gates (40 in total), so allow time for this as it does slow down the ride. Having said this isn’t going slow part of the adventure?

The trail surface just north of Goomeri is ok. There are a couple of patches of railway sleeper ballast between Goomeri and Kinbombi Road. However they are short lived. Once you pass Kinbombi Road on your right, the trail veers away from the main highway and starts to descend. There are around 8-9 cuttings as you descend with views through the trees to the valley below.

KKRT railway cutting
Descending views
KKRT views

As you descend, you will notice the the highway noise disappears and you are really out on your own. This section has two wonderful railway bridges that are still intact. Imaging if we could ride over them. The approaches to the second bridge are very steep and the gully will often have an inch or two of water in it so please be careful. The bridges are great spots to stop in the shade for a rest or a bite to eat. After the first bridge the countryside flattens out and really opens up. The trails surface is good, with a well defined ride line. Wide Bay Creek has a bridge over it now so you should keep your feet dry there. I highly recommend this section of the trail, due to the wonderful country views and the peacefulness of the surroundings.

KKRT bridge 1
KKRT bridge 2
KKRT bridge 2 top
KKRT ride line

Handy Hints

  • Be patient with the gates. They will slow you down, but they are part of the adventure
  • Please make sure the gates close
  • Downhill and with the wind is always best
  • Take plenty of water, spare tube and food as there are only two towns to stop in
  • Take is easy on the approaches to the gullies they can be steep
  • Enjoy the quiet
Wide Bay Creek bridge
KKRT Gates
KKRT views