Moondooner Rd to Kilkivan

The adventure continues, leave the world behind.


The Moondooner Road to Goomeri-Kilkivan section is the northern part of the overall Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail. This section has a very different personality to the South Burnett end of the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail, as the surface changes to gravel and the towns are fewer and farther between and there are numerous creek crossings. You really get a marvelous sense of “being away from it all”, as the trail leaves any roads behind, especially the further north you travel.

From Moondooner Road heading north, the trail follows the highway for some time before branching off through wonderful rolling countryside. Goomeri is the first town that you will see. There are numerous spots to eat and rest on your travels in Goomeri. With the wonderful Goomeri Bakery one of the best bakeries in South East Queensland.

From Goomeri the trail starts to leave the highway behind. For the last section of the trail civilization disappears and you are really on an adventure through the fantastic Australian countryside. This section also has two railway bridges that you will travel very close to. They make great spots to stop for a break.

NOTE: There are numerous gates to negotiate on this part of the Kilkivan to Kingaroy Rail Trail. So allow time on your trip to negotiate these. Be aware as the surface is gravel it can vary in type (there may be some sandy or rocky sections), so make sure you carry bike spares with you. Plenty of water, food and sunscreen is essential on this section as parts of the trail are more isolated than to the South.

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