Boat Mountain Route

Boat Mountain Route

A steep climb with rewarding views.


The Boat Mountain Route starts and finishes in Murgon, right next to the South Burnett Rail Trail. The route follows Boat Mountain Road, past the Murgon Primary and High Schools, whilst leading you out of town. Whilst this is a bit of a climb to the top (265M of elevation over 13 kilometers), it is a very picturesque ride and the road winds its way to the top allowing for a constant climb with no sharp pinches along the way. The road surface is all bitumen and is mostly a dual carriageway. There are numerous spots to stop and admire the view or take photographs.

Once the climb finishes, you will turn left top head along Levers Rd to Tableland Hall, which is the turning point for the ride. You follow the same route back to Murgon. The Tablelands section of Boat Mountain is very picturesque and worth further exploration. If you are feeling adventurous, there are a number of loops on top of the mountain. Try turning right at Tableland Hall. Follow Crownthorpe Rd to Carters Rd (turn right) then right again into Daniels Rd.

There are toilets at Kapernick Park, which is 700m down Crownthorpe Rd (turn left at Tableland Hall. There is some shade at Tableland Hall, but no water, so be prepared. As yet, this ride is not signposted, hopefully we will have this done in the near future.

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